Reflective Journals

On the bottom of the screen you will see three tabs; Profile (the first page that appears), Reflections and Photos.

The first screen is your personal Staff Profile Page. This is the same process as setting up the child profile pages. We discourage you to enter personal information like DOB, Address or personal phone numbers here. We do encourage you to add titles and dates of any Professional Learning you may attend to keep a record of ongoing improvement and professional development, however all original documents should be located in your office in a secure and confidential manner according to your service policy.

Reflections Tab – I can’t view these on the App? We need to make sure you can view and add reflections on the Demo Service please. I will need to add info here when I can view it so it makes sense.

Add a new reflection by selecting the ‘Add New Reflection’ tab at the op right hand corner of the screen. Chelsie to enter text on how to do this and the importance of reflective practice.

Photos – This page will show you all the photos you have taken using your device. The most current photos taken will appear at the top. To view images simply touch the image and it will open up and give you the option to Delete or Close. To close this view, look for the little white x on the top right corner of the image, it can be tricky to see.

If there is anything you don't understand or you need further clarification, please feel welcome to email Chelsie on