My observations tab: The first screen you will always see will be the ‘My Observations’ section which shows you all the observations you have written, with the most recent appearing at the top. If you would like to view observations in a different room, select the ‘All Rooms’ Tab which will give you the option to select another room.

To view an observation, simply touch the observation and it will open up. You will then see a ‘Pop Up Menu’ appear asking you what you want to do;

  • View – the observation
  • Edit – the observation
  • Plan - from that observation (which will take you to an educational experience)
  • Won’t plan (not all observations have to be planned for, some are simply good just to have)
  • Delete – the observation
  • Cancel – which take you back to where you were

Completed Observations: will show you all the completed observations in your service?

Incomplete Observations:Change to Draft Observations - This will show you all the observations saved to draft that need completing.

Planning required: The observations will sit there unless you choose the ‘Won’t plan’ option.

Add Observation: This tab is at the top right hand corner of the screen. When you touch this tab it will open up the learning story template for you to start documenting.

You will notice there are three tabs at the bottom of the screen titled; Observe, Notice and Recognise. You are in the first tab titled Observe.

Observe: to start the observation enter your title by touching the title box. This will automatically open up the key pad for you to enter your text. To remove the key pad from the screen, touch the little keypad icon on the bottom right of the keypad.

To add children to the observation, select the Children Tab with the little bird icon, select the child or multiple children involved in the experience, you do this by selecting their profile photos and then select done which is located on the top right corner of the screen.

To add photographs of the children engaged in the experience, select the ‘Media Tab’ with the camera icon. This will open a pop up menu to select images from your gallery on your device or use the camera on your device. Make sure you select use photo or save.

Be mindful of how many photos you select as this will determine the time for your device to upload the images and will also effect the layout of your observation if printing it. We recommended three photos or a maximum of six. If you are having trouble with time related to uploading images, this may have something to do with your internet connection/speed. If you get interrupted after starting an observation, select done at any time and a pop up will appear which is where you can save to draft and return to it later in your draft observations section.

Notice: This is where you enter the context and the learning story under the what happened section. You may notice the pop up keypad takes up a far bit of screen space, if you have trouble viewing your text, simply touch the screen and drag up to view your text box. When you have finished entering the text information, touch the little keypad icon to remove the keypad from the screen and either select done or continue to the recognise section.

Recognise: You will see the Framework or Curriculums appear that you have selected in your administrative website, for example the EYLF or ACARA school curriculum as options. You can either write up your own analysis or reflections on learning and select Done OR you can ‘Add Links’ by selecting the Add Links tab with the paper clip icon.

Adding links: Your chosen framework/curriculum will then appear. You will notice the left hand side column identifies the outcomes or curriculum learning areas you can choose from and the right hand side are the elements or content descriptors (Chelsie check that language is correct) that you can select that shows how children are working towards these learning areas.

You can choose multiple for example touch EYLF Outcome 1 (left column) then select a couple of elements by selecting the little grey x box on the right, and then select Outcome 3 (on the left column) and add a couple of elements that best reflect the learning you have observed on the right. Please note, we do recommend you try and restrict your links to under six, this can be difficult as you will discover that there are many links you could identify, however the parent reading the documentation may get overwhelmed if you include too many and it is not necessary to link to all in one observation. Remember children are working towards the learning outcomes over time so keep it clear and simple.

Once the links are embedded select Done at the top right corner. You can keep them there as they appear OR you can edit the information and personalise it by simply selecting the sentence (link) and editing the text for example; This link is from Outcome 1 -

1.1.9 Confidently explore and engage with social and physical environments through relationships and play

I may then choose to ‘edit’ the text and personalise it for the child in the observation;

1.1.9 Jake confidently explores outdoors and engages socially with others in the school/centre’s physical environment. He is developing positive relationships through playing alongside others.

It is completely up to you how you write, select or document how children are working towards outcomes, curriculums and learning goals. Nest does not encourage a ‘quick tick and flick attitude’ when documenting children’s learning, we want to encourage all educators to be thoughtful, reflective and intentional with their documentation.

Removing links: To remove a link that you have embedded, go back in to the 'Add links' tab, choose the link you want to remove by touching the tick icon on the right hand side, this will then appear as a cross icon indicating you have deselected it and once saved it will remove it from your observation.

Pop up menu: This will appear when you select ‘Done’ either during your observation or once you have finished it. The pop up menu will ask you to select one of the following; Save as draft, save as completed, save as completed and share (with nominated families) or Cancel from that screen. To view, edit or complete a draft observation, go to the observations icon on your dashboard again and select the observation you wish to view.

If there is anything you don't understand or you need further clarification, please feel welcome to email Chelsie on chelsie@nestearlychildhood.com.au