Educational Programs

The curriculum areas will appear at the top, swipe to the right to view more. We have provided six Curriculum examples in the Nest Demo Service. As mentioned before, your Curriculum Areas are defined by you, this is done in the Nest Administrative Website when you ‘Set up your service’.

This will show you all the experiences you are implementing in your Educational Program. The length of your Educational Program is determined by you. Some centres and family day carer educators plan weekly, others plan fortnightly, monthly or use an emerging curriculum led by the interests of the children, whilst schools may choose to plan once a term for each curriculum area. It is completely up to you and should be decided by your team or manager.

Again, you will automatically see the Educational Program in your nominated room, however you can view other Educational Programs by filtering through rooms by selecting the ‘Room Tab’ at the top of the screen, then select the room you want to view. A great way to see what else is happening in your service/school, what resources are already accounted for and possibilities for shared projects with a similar interest or focus area.

To view each Educational Experience, simply select the tile which will take you directly to the plan. This will open up a new page where you can view the ‘Plan Summary’ rather than trying to remember what you intended to do. Also a useful tool for casual and relief staff to see what is expected of them to implement. Once you have implemented the planned experience, you can then select to do the ‘Evaluation’.

Evaluation – It will automatically tell you what the title is and provide you with a text box to enter your Educational Evaluation. You can also upload images or take photos by selecting the camera icon. Remember to select Done. Once the Educational Evaluation has been completed, this experience will be automatically taken out of the Educational Program and be archived. You can view it, print it and retrieve it via your Nest Administrative Website.

If there is anything you don't understand or you need further clarification, please feel welcome to email Chelsie on