Collages allow you to create visual documentation of children within your service.

My Collages: Shows you all of the collages that you have created.

All Collages:: Shows you all of the collages that your sevices has created.

To add a new Collage, tap the 'Add Collage' button in the top right hand corner of the Collage page.

Pick the collage template that you would like to use. The images of the Collage templates give you a visual indication of the layout of the collage your are creating.

Once you have selected your template, you can start filling out your collage

  • Title: The name of your collage
  • Theme: The background of your collage
  • Select Children: Tap this button to pick which children are in this collage
  • Select Media: For each image spot within your collage, tap the button and pick which image you want in that spot.
  • Add Text: If you collage has spots for text, tap the buttons and type the text you wish to see on your collage.

At any point, you can tap the 'Save and Preview' button in the top right hand corner of the collage page. This will save your collage as a draft and then give you a preview of what the collage looks like. You can go back and forth between editing the collage and previewing it as many times as you want.

When you are happy with collage you can tap the 'Done' button from the preview page to Save the collage and if the children in your collage have family contacts using NEST, you can share the collage with them via email.

If there is anything you don't understand or you need further clarification, please feel welcome to email Chelsie on