The dashboard acts like the 'Home screen' for the app. From the dashboard you can enter every part of NEST. The dashboard also includes some other features such as:

Notifications/alerts: When a family comments on content that you have shared with them, you will receive a notification in the top left hand corner of the dashboard. When this occurs, tap on the notification icon to view a 'chat thread' between staff and the family member.

Settings: The settings button opens up a page which gives you a couple of options such as:

  • User Logout: Which logs the current user of the app out, allowing other staff members to use the device
  • System Logout: Which logs your service completely out of the app
  • Clear Cache: From time to time things within NEST might not go according to plan, if you think something is not right, try 'Clearning the Cache' and seeing if things improve.

Help: A link to this web page.

If there is anything you don't understand or you need further clarification, please feel welcome to email Chelsie on chelsie@nestearlychildhood.com.au