Child Profiles

This will show you images of the children enrolled within your service.

Add a child: You can add a new child by selecting the Add Child tab at the top right, or via your Nest Administrative Website. To take their profile photo, simply touch the bird icon which will take you to their profile page, touch the bird icon again and it will prompt you with options to upload a photo from your gallery (device) or use the camera on your device.

Search Tab: The search tab at the top left, enables you to enter a child’s name to search for their profile.

Room Tab: This is where you select the room you would like to view; you do this by touching the Room Tab. It will open up All Rooms for you to choose one. When you log into the Nest App it will automatically take you to the room you have been nominated to when your service was set up in the Nest Administrative Website. Select the room you want to view and enter the child’s name or scroll to the child’s profile page to view their profile page.

Need to know information for example, the child’s DOB, Age, Gender, Allergies and Medications. You can add extra information here if you need to, for example alerts like a court order. You do this on your service Nest Administrative Website. We do not encourage to put too much personal information on the App. We do however encourage you to update or change each child’s personal information on Admin Server, this will then automatically appear in app and on your admin.

About Me: This information is to be entered by you. You can collect this information from families upon enrolment or at the commencement of a New Calendar Year. It is up to each individual service what to include and you can add multiple sections here that best reflect your service philosophy for example; About Me, My family celebrates, Customs and Traditions etc. This can be done on your service Nest Administrative Website.

Tabs at the bottom of the screen:

Observations: This will show you all the observations ever taken of that particular child, with the most current appearing at the top. To view an observation, simply select the one you wish to view, touch and it will open it up.

Photos: This will show you all the photos ever taken of the child, with the most recent appearing at the top of the screen. To see a larger view simply touch a photo and it will enlarge. To close, press the little x at the top right corner. To delete, select delete.

Contacts: This where you can view the child’s contacts, great if you are on an excursion and want a quick reference to a contact. The contacts are set up by you in your Nest Administrative Website.

Permissions: These are set by you in your Nest Administrative Website as they will be unique to each individual service. You are responsible to collect written permission form families according to your service policy in relation to the permissions you set. Examples may be; Excursions, Sun cream, Paracetamol, Individual observations, Group observations.

Collages: These are the list of collages that have been created for the child, either by your or by other staff members within your service.

If there is anything you don't understand or you need further clarification, please feel welcome to email Chelsie on