NEST Mobile App

Learn all about the features and start using NEST sooner by referring to our helpful guides.

App Dashboard


The dashboard acts like the 'Home screen' for the app. From the dashboard you can enter every part of NEST. The dashboard also includes some other features such as:

Notifications/alerts: When a family comments on content that you have shared with them, you will receive a notification in the top left hand corner of the dashboard. When this occurs, tap on the notification icon to view a 'chat thread' between staff and the family member.

Settings: The settings button opens up a page which gives you a couple of options such as:

  • User Logout: Which logs the current user of the app out, allowing other staff members to use the device
  • System Logout: Which logs your service completely out of the app
  • Clear Cache: From time to time things within NEST might not go according to plan, if you think something is not right, try 'Clearning the Cache' and seeing if things improve.

Help: A link to this web page.

Safe and secure

Child Profiles

This will show you images of the children enrolled within your service.

Add a child: You can add a new child by selecting the Add Child tab at the top right, or via your Nest Administrative Website. To take their profile photo, simply touch the bird icon which will take you to their profile page, touch the bird icon again and it will prompt you with options to upload a photo from your gallery (device) or use the camera on your device.

Search Tab: The search tab at the top left, enables you to enter a child’s name to search for their profile.

Room Tab: This is where you select the room you would like to view; you do this by touching the Room Tab. It will open up All Rooms for you to choose one. When you log into the Nest App it will automatically take you to the room you have been nominated to when your service was set up in the Nest Administrative Website. Select the room you want to view and enter the child’s name or scroll to the child’s profile page to view their profile page.




My observations tab: The first screen you will always see will be the ‘My Observations’ section which shows you all the observations you have written, with the most recent appearing at the top. If you would like to view observations in a different room, select the ‘All Rooms’ Tab which will give you the option to select another room.

To view an observation, simply touch the observation and it will open up. You will then see a ‘Pop Up Menu’ appear asking you what you want to do;

  • View – the observation
  • Edit – the observation
  • Plan - from that observation (which will take you to an educational experience)
  • Won’t plan (not all observations have to be planned for, some are simply good just to have)
  • Delete – the observation
  • Cancel – which take you back to where you were

Completed Observations: will show you all the completed observations in your service?

Incomplete Observations:Change to Draft Observations - This will show you all the observations saved to draft that need completing.

Planning required: The observations will sit there unless you choose the ‘Won’t plan’ option.


Educational Experiences

Educational Experiences

This will show you all the intended Educational Experiences in your room OR you can filter by room by selecting the Room Tab at the top of the screen. You will notice the Curriculum Areas are on the left of the screen for example; in the Nest Demo App we have set six Curriculum Areas up for you as follows; Environmental Awareness, Health & Wellbeing, Creative Arts etc. When you set up your service in the Nest Administrative Website, it will require you to also set up your own unique curriculum. This will be determined by your service manager school and staff and should reflect your service philosophy. We encourage you to try and keep to a maximum of six Curriculum Areas where possible, however in a school environment you may require more.

To view the educational experiences, you simply choose the Curriculum Area by touching the title and icon (on the left) and the relevant Educational Experiences will appear to the right hand side. When you touch the Educational Experience it will then open up a pop up menu asking “What would you like to do?” Edit the plan, Complete and add to your program, Delete it or Cancel from that screen. If you complete and add to the program it will automatically remove it from an Educational Experience and place it into your current Educational Program.


Educational Programs

The curriculum areas will appear at the top, swipe to the right to view more. We have provided six Curriculum examples in the Nest Demo Service. As mentioned before, your Curriculum Areas are defined by you, this is done in the Nest Administrative Website when you ‘Set up your service’.

This will show you all the experiences you are implementing in your Educational Program. The length of your Educational Program is determined by you. Some centres and family day carer educators plan weekly, others plan fortnightly, monthly or use an emerging curriculum led by the interests of the children, whilst schools may choose to plan once a term for each curriculum area. It is completely up to you and should be decided by your team or manager.

Again, you will automatically see the Educational Program in your nominated room, however you can view other Educational Programs by filtering through rooms by selecting the ‘Room Tab’ at the top of the screen, then select the room you want to view. A great way to see what else is happening in your service/school, what resources are already accounted for and possibilities for shared projects with a similar interest or focus area.

Reflective Journals

Reflective Journals

On the bottom of the screen you will see three tabs; Profile (the first page that appears), Reflections and Photos.

The first screen is your personal Staff Profile Page. This is the same process as setting up the child profile pages. We discourage you to enter personal information like DOB, Address or personal phone numbers here. We do encourage you to add titles and dates of any Professional Learning you may attend to keep a record of ongoing improvement and professional development, however all original documents should be located in your office in a secure and confidential manner according to your service policy.

Reflections Tab – I can’t view these on the App? We need to make sure you can view and add reflections on the Demo Service please. I will need to add info here when I can view it so it makes sense.

Add a new reflection by selecting the ‘Add New Reflection’ tab at the op right hand corner of the screen. Chelsie to enter text on how to do this and the importance of reflective practice.



Collages allow you to create visual documentation of children within your service.

My Collages: Shows you all of the collages that you have created.

All Collages:: Shows you all of the collages that your sevices has created.

To add a new Collage, tap the 'Add Collage' button in the top right hand corner of the Collage page.

Pick the collage template that you would like to use. The images of the Collage templates give you a visual indication of the layout of the collage your are creating.